About Us

Who We Are

Founded by a group of staking enthusiasts from the US, Top Staking Rewards aims to change the novel staking industry for the better.

We have years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry and are passionate about financial investing. We would like to share our knowledge and passion through this website in hope to help others benefit from the opportunities with staking.

By analyzing, evaluating and testing world-class top staking providers, we offer certainty and trust for those who wish to seize passive income opportunities with cryptocurrency.

Our Mission

We have a straightforward but ambitious mission for this website: help people Stake responsibly. We help our users achieve this by evaluating every staking platform/server/provider available in the world and rate them based on their performance, reliability and safety. The cryptocurrency industry has experienced many scams and too many people lost their money, too many times, and we want to stop that. We test all providers that are listed on the website, checking their fees, delays, limitations, reliability, staking real money, and ultimately rating them based on the data collected.

Our Promise

We promise to all visitors that all our reviews and articles are unbiased and come after having a hands-on experience with the staking service. We want to protect users from the predatory and outright fraudulent behaviour of some services, so we won't hesitate to highlight any suspicious activity we spot. Remember, we are staking fans first, and we will always be on the side of the consumer.

How Do We Do It?

Top Staking Rewards is an objective and independent website. That means all our reviews and case studies are done using our own money, eliminating any potential conflict of interest between staking providers and us. Our site provides you with comprehensive reviews of the best staking sites. Of course, we don't just pick staking providers because they are popular, we use a range of factors to analyze them and come up with the top options based on what users want. Here are some factors we take into consideration:

  • Quality and size of the staking provider
  • Attestation rate
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Withdrawal limits
  • Quality of customer support
  • UX/UI design
  • Reliability
  • Reputation and history of the provider (this industry is still very new)

Put The User At The Forefront

Staking is an excellent source of alternative income. However, it can be dangerous. Our site is an advocate of responsible staking. You should always see staking as a way of speculation and not a business or primary income. Please note that while there are many advantages in staking, there is no guarantee you will collect all the rewards. We don't support staking with what you cannot afford to lose. Don't borrow money to stake and don't stake with the money you cannot do without. Stake responsibly!